I recently bought an inspiring book called Urban Watercolor Sketching, by Felix Sheinberger.  Not only are the images in this book completely delicious, but I have found the author's advice to be very insightful and helpful in my day to day practice.  Working in watercolor is both challenging and freeing for a "type A" personality like mine.  Sheinberger challenges one "to not think in terms of results, of 'finished pictures,' but rather in terms of hundreds of minor intermediate steps."  He also states there is "no right or wrong in painting."  Great stuff!

I did a 15 minute sketch exercise of my favorite spring bloom, forsythia.  I was able to cut twiggy blossoms from my yard and work from life.  I sketched in ink and went back in with a quick bit of color.  I hope you enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed creating them!  Pick up your copy of Urban Watercolor Sketching here.