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Learn more about Amy of Amy Richards Illustration creating whimsical watercolor and paper goods out of Raleigh NC.

About Amy Richards Illustration - Raleigh NC Watercolor + Ink Illustrator

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Meet the artist - illustrator and instructor Amy Richards

When a customer sees my artwork for the first time they always say “Your work is so happy!” This response is exactly why I do what I do. I believe that the simple gesture of mailing a greeting card has the power to brighten someone’s day. Hanging artwork on your walls turns a house into a home. Illustrations in a book spark meaningful conversation between a parent and child, and become a cherished family moment. A simple illustration brings life and exuberance to an article in a magazine.

Where it all started

My mother always says, “Amy’s been making things since she came out of the womb.” while somewhat of an exaggeration, many of my earliest childhood memories are of creating things. The smell of hot glue is still an all time favorite and fills me with the nostalgia of childhood crafts. While I went on to study art education in college,  I discovered my love of illustration and knew I wanted to continue to develop those skills outside of academia.

Why watercolor

Watercolor wasn’t my first love. As a results driven perfectionist, I spent years working with acrylic creating hard edges and lines by hand. One day, I decided to leave my comfort zone and try watercolor and I never turned back. I fell in love with the fluid nature of the medium, the ability to build up layer upon layer. Watercolor forces me to loosen up  and trust the process. I continue to learn, make mistakes, and improve my skills. It is both gratifying and humbling in one fell swoop.

Why I teach

I’m on a mission to make art more approachable and help students regain the freedom they created with as children. In class I like to use my own art jargon like the 'whirley twirley stroke' and love to share stories about my pups and art mishaps. This teaching style keeps the mood light and fun- like the watercolor medium itself.  In a world where many of us are running a race to perfection,  I aim to cultivate a learning experience that brings people joy and confidence, even if just for a few hours.

While I have lived in various parts of the United States, my work is influenced by the natural beauty that North Carolina has to offer. From a local day hike to trips to the mountains or the sea, there is no shortage of inspiration. Thank you for exploring my website and supporting my small business. I am grateful for a career that allows me to combine so many things that fill my soul, painting subjects I love, teaching others, and spending time with my fur family.