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Art Supplies: A Love Story

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In the spirit of Love and Valentine's Day, I wanted to share some favorite supplies that I can’t live without. I get questions often about the different products that I use in my art making and I wanted to make a list for you here. I hope you will find it helpful! Most of these items can be found at your local craft/art stores/online and I have provided links.

watercolor paint.jpg

Dr. Martin's Hydrus Fine Art Watercolor Paint: These pigments really pack a punch and are the brightest I have found. As a true color lover, these paints are my current favorites. Unlike regular tube watercolor they cannot be reactivated once dry because they become grainy so you must be sure to use them in one go. So far I haven’t found another paint that compares, you can buy them in sets HERE.


Sakura Pigma Micron Pens: These pens have been a long time favorite. I love that they come in size 005 for all of those tiny details like fur and whiskers. The fine tips don't tend to last a super long time, but luckily they are inexpensive enough that I usually keep at least 2 to 3 on hand. Amazon has a great deal on a set, they usually sell for much more in person.

pencil sharpener.jpg

Ellipse Pencil Sharpener: Now you might be thinking, its just a pencil sharpener? but it works soooo well! This little space ship like pod sharpener will sharpen your pencil to a perfect point every time. I will take it over any electric sharpener out there! The two I keep on hand are black but I just found cool colors HERE, may need to order a few more!

masking fluid.jpg

Fine line masking fluid: The application tip on this masking fluid bottle cannot be beat. Masking fluid can be tricky to use but this applicator works really well for small details. Find it on at Dick Blick.

watercolor paper.jpg

Fabriano Paper: This paper has been my go-to for almost as long as I have been watercolor painting. It has a great weight and texture (cold press) and is priced just right. It will warp when painting edge to edge but I flatten finished work between heavy books and it works just great. Jerry’s Artorama has been running awesome sales on this paper recently too, grab yours HERE.

travel photo.jpg

Windsor Newton Travel Kit, Water Brushes, Moleskin Watercolor Journal: This kit, journal and brushes were super handy during my trip to Seattle last year. The small WN kit contains all of the classic pigments and the water filled brushes make painting a breeze since you do not need a water cup. You will definitely want to have some paper towels on hand, but for travel these two products are very helpful.

Water brush pens

Moleskin journal

Travel Watercolor Set

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White Artists Tape: This tape is super versatile for everything from prepping watercolor paper edges for painting to use when matting artwork. It sticks well without tearing your paper.

Bullet journal.jpg

Plum Umbrella Bullet Journals: Dot grid paper? Hand bound in beautiful fabrics? Perfectly stitched to lay flat? What is not to love about Plum Umbrella bullet journals? I am currently on my fifth and they are worth every penny. Emily, the owner is also an incredible human so that might be the biggest added bonus- love supporting another local lady boss! Visit Emily’s shop HERE.

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